Shankar Kumbar

Hey there, read my Daily Something….Something…. mini articles Daily, about life, motivations, thoughts, and many more.

Hi, I’m Shankar. By profession a Lecturer in Physics, and a blogger by passion. My main passion is to write articles in General Category. I am good at Counselling Slow learning students, parents, and depressed people through calls/online and offline.

  • #60. Anger
    You do not have to resolve the anger before going to bed but you can release it in a healthy way so that you are not holding it in and letting it fester whilst you sleep.
  • #59. Things
    We might be acquiring things because we cannot be with ourselves.
  • #58. Check In
    It is good to check in to see what is there with in our self.This check in can be monthly or quarterly for about 15 – 30 minutes.
  • #57. Right Way
    It is fact that there in no one method of doing things in ‘right’ way .
  • #56. Hurt
    Past wounds hurt and linger because we continue to relive them.
  • #55. Little Things
    When little things get to you, decide if it is worth getting upset about.
  • #54. Qualities
    One of the noblest qualities in a person is the ability to say, “I’m sorry, I was wrong, you were right”.
  • #53. Children
    When little children stumble and fall, they may cry for a bit, but then they stand up and carry on happily.
  • #52. Knowldge
    Knowledge comes from education & learning, wisdom comes from living it out practically.
  • #51. Tired
    It is not just our lifestyle but our thoughts that make us tired. Negative thinking leads to low energy. Positive thinking leads to high energy.
  • #50. Positive
    As we align with our inner qualities we feel more and more content and less and less needy.
  • #49. Improvise
    We have to make it easy sometimes by ignoring something or someone and sometimes by accepting something and understanding someone.
  • #48. Negativity
    There are lots of people, online and offline, who bring negativity to our lives and make us feel bad about ourselves.
  • #46. Daily Something….Something…..
    When you blame others, it takes up a lot of energy.
  • #45. Daily Something….Something…..
    Suppression leads to subtle anger and this creates dislike and disheartenment within us and keeps building up like a pressure cooker.

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